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when it comes to choosing the right candle, a lot of factors come into play for most of our customers - time of year, fragrance preference, favorite memories being some of them.

at Wick & Maple, our ultimate goal is to make a long-lasting impression on your senses - especially smell. In light of everything that is going on and our increased attention to online orders, we've come up with a guide to help you navigate your way through our new spring collection! 

before we start: "fragrance families" are how olfactory experts categorize the many scents we experience in products. from perfume to skincare, almost everything has a unique scent - and most of them fall into a few different categories or "families". makes sense right?

let's dive into the particular families that are making their spring debut on the site: 

our first and newest collection, is the neutrals. this collection is as simple as it sounds and was formulated to be gender-neutral and overall home friendly. whether you are in an apartment or larger home shared with family members, everyone will be able to enjoy the simple, homey notes that are far from flat - but not annoying either. these candles fall into the aromatic familiy, but they are not overly sweet like most blends. the collection is lightened with notes of almond milk, oats, honey, sea salt, and eucalyptus tea. known for keeping things pared down and simple? hate candles that have "too much going on"? then this collection is def for you!


the neutral collection


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our next collection puts botanicals at the forefront. the focus of our elements collection is light and airy notes that are reminisce of life without synthetics. the natural fragrance blends make every candle a breath of fresh air - literally. with notes of cloudberry, wet moss, cactus, tea leaves, and bergamot - its hard to pass up on the diverse nature-inspired notes of each candle. whether in the kitchen, on a bookshelf for study time, or lit on the table after cleaning day - each candle is grounding, down to earth, and uber fresh. 


the elements collection


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take a look at one of our most popular debuts to date - the vintage collection. inspired by the unique and sometimes boozy pop-ups that we experienced the Summer of 2019 in Columbus, we mashed our love of vintage lab feels and modern composition. the result is three, unnamed fragrances each with a distinct scent that will leave you trying to find out exactly what's in it. the candles fall into the oriental family with notes of leather, resins, booze, cardamom tea, and more. these candles are perfect for those moody nights and for candle snobs with a sophisticated fragrance palate. 


the vintage collection


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so there it is! 

we hope this guide is helpful when it comes to picking out your next Wick & Maple candle! 

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