Welcome to Wick & Maple

                                     Welcome to Wick & Maple.
Let me be the first to welcome you to Wick & Maple! This launch is the beginning mark of a very special brand that I’m proud to own. With the launch, comes an excitement that stems from knowing that all the hard work this past year has paid off, and that soon customers will be able to share in the unique experience I believe sets this brand apart from the rest. 
Birthed in Columbus,OH , Wick & Maple is an artisan candle shop that believes in small batch, handmade, and handcrafted candles that use only the highest standard of USA sourced coconut and pure soy waxes along with essential and fragrance oils that exclude preservatives, dyes, or phthalates.  
My mission is to provide customers with the amazingly unique aromas that are curated right in my local studio without sacrificing quality or clogging their spaces with junk. 
All in all, I know that Wick & Maple will be your new favorite place to enhance your home. Enjoy!    
Founder & Owner 

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