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What kind of wax do you use in your candles?

Wax is an integral part of every candle - and we knew we had to find the best.

we use a customized ratio of 100% USA-grown soybeans, paired with raw, unprocessed coconut wax. this blend allows us to create incredibly fragrant candles that burn cleaner for longer, without harming the environment. 

it's a win for both us and you!

What fragrances do you use?

while the exact blends of our fragrances are proprietary - we use essential oils and natural fragrance isolates for all our candles - often blending them to create the intriguing scents you love.


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How long will my candles burn?

we painstakingly test burn every single candle made to insure you get the maximum burn time possible for the scents you love. 
Burn Times (approximates):
Tealights / 3 HRS
Mini Vessels (3 Oz.) / 25 HRS
Classic Whisky Tumbler (8 Oz.) / 60 HRS
Double Wick (11 Oz.) / 80 HRS
What are scent notes?
Scent notes are aroma descriptions of the fragrance used in your candle. These aromas are often described as top, middle, and base notes with respect to the timing of when the aromas in the candle is released.
Scent notes give you an excellent idea of what kind of fragrance you'll be experiencing when you burn your candle(s).
What are wooden wicks? 
Wooden wicks are quite literally wicks that are made from wood. Um, how cool is that?
We use eco-sourced wooden wicks that are hand trimmed to fit our jars to insure you get the optimum burn and scent distribution. Wooden wicks add a rustic modern touch to the everyday candle and make the candle experience that much more intriguing with their soft crackling sound. even better, they are all natural.
What do collections include? 
our various candle sets include the candles from our curated collections.
these sets are the perfect way to experience the mood of an entire collection. they make the perfect gifts as well.
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Where can candles be purchased?
our small studio is located directly above Goodfellow's Barber - 860 S. High Street. the studio is currently closed due to covid19, but will reopen soon.
for a limited time, our candles are currently located at these fine establishments:
Franklin Park Conservatory + Botanical Gardens 
The Gemma Shop 
Happy Go Lucky 
Quincy General Store 
we also attend multiple pop-ups throughout the year - and announce on social media for customers who would like to shop in person.



I’d like to partner with your brand. How can I get in touch? 

we love partnerships and can't wait to hear what you're thinking!

get in touch with us via the contact form or email us directly at info@wickandmaple.com




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